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mission statementSt. Charles of Brazil is an Independent Catholic community, empowered by the Holy Spirit to live and proclaim the Gospel.

We are a sacramental community, nurtured and energized by the liturgical life of the church to realize the kingdom of God,especially through a commitment to social justice.

We are a community that fosters the spiritual growth of each member and is, in turn, enriched by that growth.

We affirm all people as children of God, including those who doubt, who seek, who question, who have experienced rejection, and we welcome all to full participation in the sacramental life, leadership and ministry of the church.

who we are articleSt. Charles of Brazil Parish was established in 2009. We are a local eucharistic community of the Catholic Apostolic Church In North America (CACINA), a gathering of believers that seeks to bring the Gospel of Jesus to all people without regard to who they are or where their journey has taken them.

CACINA welcomes everyone, regardless of their marital status or sexual orientation, to participate in the life and sacraments of the Church. It asks its members only for the love of self and others that is the privilege and the duty of all Christians.




historyThe Catholic Apostolic Church in North American (CACINA) is a small body of Catholic parishes located throughout the United States. We are an independent Church, not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church or other independent Catholic churches, that worships in the Catholic tradition. Our liturgy is familiar to Roman Catholics but our theology is somewhat different. We welcome all persons to the sacraments when they come sincerely seeking God. Our parishioners are involved in all aspects of Church governance. We ordain clergy without regard to gender or sexual orientation. Following the example of our founder,Dom Carlos Duarte-Costa, we are advocates for peace and social justice. We are warm, open, welcoming, and inclusive.

ACINA is the daughter church of the Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil, found by Bishop Carlos Duarte-Costa, a Roman Catholic bishop who left communion with Rome in 1945 because of matters of conscience related to social justice and church discipline.

The Catholic Apostolic Church was brought to the United States by the late Bishop Estefan Meyer Corradi-Scarella who had been consecrated bishop for that purpose January 23, 1949, from which CACINA dates its establishment. Bishops in CACINA primarily trace their apostolic succession to Duarte-Costa, but they also have Eastern Orthodox and Anglican episcapal lineages.

Despite this rich tradition, CACINA maintains a thoroughly Catholic identity. We are not Roman, Orthodox, or Anglican; we are grateful the Lord has called us to be CACINA Catholics. For more information about CACINA, please visit the CACINA National website: www.cacina.org





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